Beginners Yoga Parts 7-12



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Knowledge, Aims and Objectives

This 2nd part of this course for beginners will allow you to feel more like you are in a class situation.  Each week there is a different theme which will introduce you to new poses.

This will improve your knowledge of the individual poses, as well as recap on some of the poses we did in weeks 1 – 6.  The idea is by week 12 you are ready to go out on your own and join a live class with confidence.

It can also be used as a cost-effective way to take part in 6 weekly classes.

Each week you will have access to the class as many times as you like. Then it automatically goes onto the next week.


To build onto and recap previous knowledge

Increase the number of poses you know

To introduce you to a more class style of teaching



To build your confidence

To give you a feel of a class situation

To progress and introduce new poses

To give you some basic knowledge that you can build on