During any exercise you need to take precautions for your own health.  Listening to your own body is a vital part of any exercise or Yoga practice. Although you will find that it is important to continuously challenge yourself and extend your range of movements and knowledge, working outside your own abilities is likely to cause discomfort or injury. You need to build a solid, steady foundation to build your fitness on. For this reason there are some health conditions you need to pay more attention to while doing your routines and classes.



  • Old / recent injuries – if you are coming back from injury take care to build up gradually
  • Scar tissue / post op – treat your recovering body with care
  • Back problems – often the reason people start yoga in the first place but care must be taken initially but you will quickly feel the benefit



Pregnant  –  none of my yoga is suitable for pregnancy.  There are special pregnancy yoga classes planned and designed for your needs.

Brain Injuries  –  I use a lot of techniques that increase brain function especially in the mobility and beginner course.  If you have had any type of brain trauma or injury you will need to get clearance from your doctor and contact me directly before you begin any of my courses.