Yoga with Nikki


The virtual studio has been created to give you access to classes at a time to suit you.

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Attending a class in a physical venue;- be it a in a city gym or a village hall has some limitations.

  • Venue capacity
  • Venue availability
  • Venue cost
  • Class schedule
  • Student life pressures;- work / childcare / family time
  • Instructor gaps;- holidays / illness
  • Availability of classes locally

 As we realise the benefits we get from yoga often we would like to do it more than once a week.

As teacher hiring halls is not always possible or financially viable.

Here in the virtual studio I can offer many different types of classes to suit all abilities.

Foundation classes teaching the poses which will enable you to join Beginner classes with a bit of knowledge and Progression classes for you to move on to as your ability grows.

Short courses on specific areas and technical classes can also be available.

There are lots of different types of yoga. Unfortunately, not all areas offer classes in all of them or any of them! For some budding students, this virtual studio will fill that gap.

Students with access to live physical classes in a venue may use this as a delivery system to take advantage of extra classes at home and even on holiday.

The classes are laid out inside the studio to help make your choices easy.

You can choose by

  • Ability Level
  • Class duration
  • Style of yoga