Yoga with Nikki

Different Types of Yoga

Yoga comes in many forms and is a great way to balance and align the body, and to build strength.

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There is a huge range of styles and generally one to suit everyone but we are not all lucky enough to live near a studio which offers many different styles.

It is great to try different yoga styles and some may surprise you. I feel that a good variation of yoga covers many needs. Some work more on strength, some flexibility and nimblness and some to calm the whole system.

Here is a very brief collection and you can look deeper into them on the internet and also find many more variations.


This is the most popular type of yoga and a good foundation for other types you will generally do postures breathing exercises and meditation. It is quite a slow class but great place to learn and improve your postures.


Physically demanding and produces intense heat with in the body to encourage detoxification of muscles and organs. Breath and movement are synchronised to a series of movemnts and the sequence is the same each time. Love this but hard on your body and as it is so repetative can often cause injuries.


Is a flow class where poses are sequenced. Like ashtanga we move with the breath but sequences can vary depending on your teacher and what the aim of the class is.


Only been around since 1986 and has a spritual and ethical aspect. It is a physical practice with strong postures. There is chanting meditation spritual teachings and music


This is a very precise slower form of yoga postures are held for longer and cushions blocks and straps are often used good for people with injuries or medical conditions


This is performed in a hot room 95 – 105 degrees and the heat is to increase your flexibility there is a sequence of 26 moves and you will sweat loads.