Yoga with Nikki

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga comes in many forms and is a great way to balance and align the body, and to build strength.

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This is a style of yoga where movements flow from one to the other I find that because of the flowing nature it keeps your mind focused and does not give it time to wonder off. The breath initiates the movement and once you become comfortable with this it can feel quite meditative.

This is one of the more strenuous styles of yoga and it comes from the Ashtanga line of yoga and is great for the more active fit types as they tend to find the slower forms do not challenge them enough.
Classes are choreographed by the tutor and will vary week by week which tricks the body to work harder as repetitiveness encourages the muscles to be lazy as they know what is coming. Classes will bring in different styles of yoga. Students enjoy the variety of poses and classes can be organised to work on a particular areas or sports. So at the beginning of each class we have an aim to work towards this is done in an intelligent and safe way as we do not want to cause injuries and niggley aches, I am mindful of joints as these need to be cared for.

Do not be put off I have a beginners course which will start you off gently and is aimed at building up the fitness, strength and understanding to then to move into a regular class. There are many people that think that to do yoga you have to be flexible or strong this is not true these are things that we are aiming for and with practice and patience are achievable.

My approach does not come from a spiritual angle. In class you are encouraged to bring awarness to your breath and movement which brings an element of meditation. At the end of the class we will do a breath practice and hopefully you will find the ones that suit you and use them in your daily life.