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Practising Holistic Therapist with 26 Years Experience

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Nikki Balding Yoga Teacher

I’m Nikki Balding, I come from a health and beauty background and trained at Stamford College, Lincolnshire in 1993 as a beauty / sports therapist and soon discovered that the holistic side of things was the way I wanted to go.  I am still a therapist and have worked with bodies and injuries for 26 years now. I used to teach Beauty / Holistic therapies at Peterborough College for 5 years when I gained my 730 teaching certificate this gave me a great experience of different learning styles how to organise large groups and expanded my own knowledge.  I loved the teaching side but hated the paperwork that went with it so eventually opened my own salon and concentrated more on my therapy side.  I feel now teaching yoga I can feed my love of teaching, watching people progress and learn new things but also have the freedom I need to do it in a way that brings a bit of my personality into it.

I have done Reiki since 1997 this is an energy / healing treatment.  I believe that the energies which flow round our bodies have a direct effect on our health and mental state.  These energies get blocked through time and events of life and the trauma stays in the body.  Yoga is one of the ways to release these energies and get them to flow freely.  In the Chinese belief system blocked energy causes disease. 

I have been practicing yoga since 2005 mainly Hatha but discovered Ashtanga on a yoga holiday in Morocco and loved it I liked the extra challenges it gave me and as a fit and strong person rose to the challenge to work on my poses and by linking them together found that the heart gets a good workout to.  I am definitely not a super flexible person and many poses are way beyond me but I think that a regular practice over time the flexibility does increase we are not all born to be able to tie ourselves in knots.

When looking to do my teacher training I knew I wanted to do a Vinyasa style of yoga and when I discovered Mark Freeth and his Freestyle Yoga Project I knew I had found the person to teach me.

I know that Yoga has a strong link to the religious side but I prefer to focus more on the physical and mental elements and to leave people to decide for themselves what their beliefs are. The physical benefits are why I was first drawn to Yoga and what I see as the pull and attraction for most of my students. 

I did a 200 hour teacher Training Program which is certified by Yoga Alliance in 2013. 

Over the years I have continued to improve my knowledge by doing various courses and reading lots of books.  Looking back over my years of teaching I can see how this has influenced my style of teaching and my knowledge of how the body works.  I am certainly not a purist and many may not agree with my approach but it comes from a solid understanding and a curiosity for new ideas.

This brings us to May 2020 and life has changed.  My classes are now via zoom and life has become very virtual.  I see this as an opportunity to update my website to include classes and courses for those who cannot go to a regular live class.  This can often be for many reasons work, child care, distance to travel, wrong time of day etc.  Again it increases the amount of people who can do my classes who do not live locally. 

I am an active person and find that the sports I do keep me fit but the yoga keeps me injury free, flexible and strong.  I am a big believer that natural is always the best option and this way of life seeps into the way I try to live.  My friends often refer to me as the Hippy which I am very comfortable with and take it as affectionate term.  Happy to live with a curious approach and not necessarily follow the crowd.

Yoga can slowly become part of your life little by little your body opens up and becomes stronger.  Because of the incredible mind body connection you will find that the mind becomes calmer and your health can improve.  From my experience this is very true.  When I first started meditation was unthinkable, now I love it!!!