Absolute Beginner Parts 1-6


Classes are released weekly;- 2 x 30 min classes


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Knowledge and Objectives

This course will allow you to practice safely within your own abilities.

You will learn a range of poses and how to modify them safely to suit your body and fitness level.  Your practice will improve and your body will gradually begin move more freely.

Everyone comes from a different starting point and Yoga is not a race.

1st Rule of yoga is   -   TO  DO  NO  HARM



To learn the basic poses and modifications

To learn about your core, how to engage it and the value of core strength.

To be able to move your body through its full range of movement.

To learn ways to stimulate your nervous system, how this can benefit your life and yoga practice.

To learn the  importance of breath during yoga and an introduction to basic breath practices.

The objectives are for you to be able to:-

Mobilise your joints

Stimulate your nervous system

Feel more confident in your foot and hand placements

Know how to engage and strengthen your core

Understand how important balance is and tips to improve it

Understand and increase your body awareness

Feel confident in doing a sequence of poses

Bring a breath practice into your daily life

This course is set out so each week has two parts.  This will give you some flexibility on how you would like to learn.  Each week you can repeat the class as many times as you like.  At the end of the week it will automatically take you to the following week.

From here you can go onto Part 7 – 12 to further your learning and build confidence to take part in a yoga class.