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Knowledge and Objectives

Run Sports Specific Stretch Routines

I am an active person – running, swimming, cycling and many other sports - and my yoga is a great way to compliment my activities by building my strength and flexibility. Yoga keeps me supple and prevents by body tightening up and creating injuries from imbalances created by the sports I love to do.

Being able to do a sport specific stretch routine will concentrate on the groups of muscles that work the hardest during that activity. A specific stretch will realign and improve the length in particular muscles which will have a direct effect on the opposing related muscles. This will all become clear and be explained with simplicity during the course.

To counteract the tightening of muscles related to a particular sport
To suggest a range of stretches to vary your routine
To use more muscle groups and increase your range of movement
As a muscle is stretched it regains its length to bring the body into better alignment
Your range of movement and stretch will increase with regular practice
To give you a routine to follow after your exercise
To teach you the areas of the body which need attention related to that sport
These routines are to buy and keep and over time to add new routines to add variety and progress your stretch routine