Daily Stretch


Buy to keep;- 5 x 18 min classes


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Information, Aims and Objectives

This course is aimed at those of you who are looking to improve your ability to move more freely.  This gives you a structured plan to follow.

I recommend that this class done daily;

  • One day is all standing stretches
  • The next day is floor stretches.

This alternates for 5 days to give you a variety of moves throughout the week.

There are different levels taught within the class so that you can choose your starting point.  Over the weeks, your body will get used to each of the exercises and you can challenge yourself.    By being able to repeat each pose over a period of weeks you can find the right level for you and see gentle improvement without overdoing it.

This course can also be used in conjunction with the Mobility Course and the Core Course to give you a full set of exercises which will build a foundation of strength and movement.  It gives you the ability to change the length of time you practise depending on what suits you on the day.


Aims to:-

Introduce you to some stretches and a few strength moves

Give you the knowledge to modify each exercise so as you can improve as the weeks go by

Get you into a regular varied routine

Give you structure to your routines and give you a little push to try those moves you will happily avoid




Improving your flexibility, strength and freedom of movement

Understanding the benefits and gains of a regular exercise class

Motivating you to continue with a regular practice using the modifications