Buy to keep;- 16 instructional videos – 5 x 14 min classes


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Knowledge, Aims and Objectives

This course is to educate you on how your core works; which muscles are involved and the benefits of a strong core.

There are a series of videos to teach you how to do each exercise correctly and how to modify to your own abilities and change the exercise as your core strengthens.

There are 5 x 10 minute core classes so that you get a good variety of sequences.  This builds a good foundation and enough to keep the body from getting lazy and keep the brain curious and active.  The mind and the body do not want to do the same exercise every day; you will lose focus and go into automatic mode.  That leads to the brain disengaging, you become less motivated and will not keep to a regular exercise routine.

Aims to:-

Educate you on the importance of core exercise

Teach you how to modify to suit your needs

Give a good solid foundation for you to build in other exercises

Improve your posture and build strength in your core


To give a good understanding of how to engage and improve the core

Give you a series of exercises to work on and make progress

To build confidence in your core strength in everyday life and other sports and fitness

This is a standalone course or can be part of the Mobility and Daily Stretch Courses

It is a course that you buy and keep so that you can use it to progress your moves as you become stronger.  Also as time goes by you may then purchase additional classes just to keep things interesting.