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Core, Stretch and Mobility Courses at a discounted price. Saving £20 on individual purchase prices.

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Knowledge, Aims and Objectives

These courses are designed as individual courses so that you can work on a certain area of exercise.

They can also be used together to give you a good solid foundation in movement and strength.  From this point you can add whatever interests you.  It may enable you to enjoy your gardening more or participating in your favourite sport.  Once you have strength and movement in your body and often less pain, you have the freedom to choose how you want to live.

These courses are designed to fit into a time slot to suit you.  Some days you may be able to do 20 minutes and on other days a full hour.  If you work your way through each course you can then mix and match throughout the week giving you a wide variety of exercises that will keep you interested.  We all need some structure to follow and we all need to be slightly pushed to do the exercises we do not like but do need.

Once you have worked your way through these courses the aim is to add classes to keep you going and challenge you.

With all these courses, once you have purchased them, you can keep them and repeat them whenever you want.  If you purchase the whole set there is a discount.