Yin Part 3


Part 1 and 2 of the Yin course have given you a great variety of poses;-Part 3 is aimed at giving you some poses which will challenge you.

Buy to keep;- 11 instructional videos various lengths – 1 class 15 mins


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Information, Aims and Objectives

At first doing these new poses your hold times may not be as long and you may need a few more cushions for support.  They are great poses to see how you have improved and to test your meditation skills.  Also for you to improve your ability to be introspective and to be able to allow the body to release even further into the pose.

For some of you, these part 3 poses may take a while to build up to, but you simply need to listen to your body.  Some of you may just be generally more flexible and find these new poses quicker to master.

Again you have a short class at the end which concentrates on the hips to show you how to choose and join poses to support a particular area of the body.


To give you some more challenging poses to add into your session

To improve your meditation skills

To help you improve your ability to notice what is happening within your body


To improve your knowledge of the Yin poses

To enable you to advance your practice