This requires balance and core strength

Your leg position will vary on this one depening on how good your balance is.

Stand with weight on one leg and the other leg knee will be bent and needs to be heading sideways how far this goes depends on your hip flexibility.

1st postion of the other foot is toes on the floor and cup the foot around the ankle this gives you abit more connection with the floor.

2nd position cup the foot into the shape of the calf

3rd position above the knee (never on the knee)

4th position high up so heel is into groin area

I like to just put the same side hand on the bent knee and just feel what direction it is going in.

Your back should be straight

Do not slump down into your hip these muscles need to be activated and lift

Shoulders back, chest open, neck straight.

Palms pushed together level with the heart elbow up to form a line.