Beginners Yin Aims and Objectives

Welcome to my Yin Beginner Course

I discovered Yin on a retreat in Portugal in 2014. I fell in love;- it ticked so many boxes for me.

As a therapist I have been doing fascial release treatments so understood how important fascia is for us to be able to move and how it holds onto trauma.  Also with holding the poses it encourages the body to let go of the tension and bring awareness to parts of our bodies we often ignore.

As a lover of the Meridian system and Anatomy Trains working with the energy flow and how our functional movement patterns affect our posture.

The Chakra system again an energy system our yin practice gives us the time to use visualisations and vibrations to balance this system.

It also gave me time to learn more and practice Mindfulness and Meditation.  When I first started yoga, this was not easy, my mind was like and unruly puppy!  I qualified as a Mindfulness teacher 2018

All of this can be brought into our Yin yoga sessions once you know the poses and can get into them with confidence so that it flows.

Learning these other elements also gives you the ability to vary and deepen your practice.


  • To learn how to adapt each pose
  • Adapt your practice to suit your needs e.g. Sport specific, area
  • of the body that needs attention
  • To be able to do a couple of poses at the end of the day to relax and do your meditation


  • To give you the confidence to build a practice to suit the time you have and what your body needs at that particular moment.

This course is set out so that you can work at your own pace and maybe even pick poses you’re more comfortable with to start off.

As you progress you can go back and look at the pose to see what your next step is.

Yin is a great compliment to regular yoga practice especially if you tend to do a full on Yang version.  =  balance

There are 32 main poses in this course plus variations of that pose.

This has been divided into 3 sections.  Part 2 and 3 have a bonus class at the end.

Enjoy and add a new string to your yoga bow

Module 1 Yin Yoga for Beginners Part 1
Class Video 1 Introduction Yin Yoga for Beginners
Class Video 2 1 Forward Fold
Class Video 3 2 Supine Twist
Class Video 4 3 Bridge
Class Video 5 4 Banana
Class Video 6 5 Fountain
Class Video 7 6 Wide Child
Class Video 8 7 Hero
Class Video 9 8 Tricept Balance
Class Video 10 9 Crucifix
Class Video 11 10 Easy Cross Leg