The books that are on this list have all been read at various times in the last 25 yrs of my life.  I do believe when you need to learn something opportunities jump out at you.  I have learnt over the years to go with the flow and it is never a waste of time as there is always something new to add to my knowledge. 

As I sit here aged 52 looking back it is very clear that we all have different ways of consuming and learning.  I am no academic so doing a psychology degree would be very hard, but I do buy into the Buddhist and Spiritual side of life.  I find that this for me is an easy way to learn how my mind works and how to unravel and unpick why I have certain habitual patterns and coping mechanisms.  So to some degree the messages are often the same but it is how you are able to understand and work through the process which resonates with you is the thing that is important. 

This list of books I have found each of them enjoyable and have been able to put what I have learnt gradually into practice in real life. 

There is no particular order to these as we all have a different starting point.  I do suggest you go with your gut and sometimes if the book does not quite ring any bells at the time, put it down and it may do at a later date. 

Generally if you are starting to read these types of books you are looking for something.  Change is on the horizon and these books are there for you to learn from and make the changes you feel are necessary to move your life forward.  So self help makes me cringe a little, but to some degree this is what we are doing.  Knowledge is power!! 


The Celestine Prophecy – an adventure  –  James Redfield 

This was one of my first spiritual kinds of book.  It is put in a story format which made it easy to follow and guides you through the journey of becoming a more spiritual being.  I would say it gives you an idea of the energetic system and how it affects us. It is a book that has been passed on many times. 

YouTube has a movie version 2006  not seen it but you may prefer watching it. 


Tenth Insight  –  James Redfield 

This is the follow up of the Celestine Prophecy.  Again story based and it takes your understanding one step further.  Did not find this so interesting but maybe because I got what I need from the first book. 

Chakras for Beginners  –  David Pond 

A great introduction to how the chakras affect us if they are unbalanced.  It goes through all seven chakras with a brief explanations.  It gives you exercises and visualisations for each one.  I still use this book as a reference.  A good book to start off with as too much information can end up overwhelming you. 


The Chakra-Handbook  –  Shalila Sharamon and Bodo J Baginski 

This book gives a bit more insight to the chakras and how to balance them.   You can use various methods to balance and cleanse e.g.  crystals, sound and colours.  Ideal if you need a bit more information and to understand how to work on yourself.  Again I still use this as a reference book. 

The 4 Pillar Plan  –  Dr Rangan Chatterjee 

A great guide to spell out the basics of how we can improve our physical health and the effects that has on our mental health.  As he is a Dr, he has a great insight to the way we tick.  This gives you good solid information of what you need to do to improve your lifestyle to improve your health. 

If you are new to all this healthy stuff and need some easy pointers on how to start this is an ideal book.  It gives you a plan and a tick list so that you can see how you are progressing. 


Gut  –  Giulia Enders 

I loved this book and such an interesting one too.  It explains in easy to follow terms and with some fascinating facts on how the whole system works.  You will not put stuff in your mouth again without thinking of all the microbes that are inside the gut.  Good factual information which gives you an understanding of how we can make the most of this system to create good health and improve out mental state. 

This one went round a few members of the family and all ages enjoyed it. 


How Yoga Works  –  Geshe Michael Roach 

A wonderful book which was a joy to read.  Makes you feel like all is well in the world.  A story of how yoga and its teachings can bring about change in your life and those around you.  An easy read with some points for you to ponder on. 

Again this is a book which has done the rounds through family and friends 


Mindfulness and Compassion  –  The Happy Buddha 

When I received this I knew why a proper solid book is such a joy.  Mine is a hard copy 2015.  The quality of the cover and pages are a joy in themselves.  Now to the content.  For those of you fairly new to mindfulness it is a great place to start.  You get some exercises and easy explanation of what is mindfulness is and what it can bring into your life.  Often with mindfulness it can be simple things that can open our eyes to the way our minds are working.  This is what brings about the change. 



Happiness and How It Happens – The Happy Buddha 

Quality exactly the same as the book above (oh joy).  Finding contentment through mindfulness.  Set out the same as before but concentrating on what are the things that make us happy.  How using mindfulness can bring about that feeling which many people seem to find hard to achieve.  So perception and some insight to our mind is necessary.  There is a great quote in this book which I often say.  To be happy do the things that makes you happy.  If you have to do things that do not make you happy do them with kindness and love.  Or words to that effect.  Simple but true. 


A New Earth  –  Echhart Tolle 

This was the first book that I read of his.  Again it is a guide to our behaviour and thought processes.  A fair sized book but one that you can read in sections and put down.  personally like the way he writes and it is written for the general public so he does not over complicate things.  As you work your way through it you can bring the ideas into real life practice. 

There is an interview with Oprah on utube taking about this book. 


The Power of Now  –  Eckhart Tolle 

Not a place to start your learning but a must read at some point.  A lot of this is just pointing out and explaining the way we behave and the patterns of behaviour that are in our lives without us really knowing.  I found that some of the things in it made a huge difference to my life but I needed them spelled out for me to recognise them. 

There is one point in it that I read, I then read it to my husband and informed him that this is how I am going to change.  In 2 weeks that pattern vanished and we still laugh about it today, generally because I use the technique and he knows what is happening. 


Yoga Quest  –  Paul Fox 

A story which brings together the yoga teachings.  An easy read and I would think a nice book to start with.  I do like the story versions of introducing some of the philosophy of yoga, it makes it easy to digest and understand how they can be put practically into life. 


The Emotion Code  –  Dr Bradley Nelson 

Now this can be considered way out there!  A friend of mine bought it and has used the techniques with success.  (success is a perception???)  This is all about how our emotions are stored in our bodies as vibrations.  How we can use techniques to release them.  I have had this book about 4 months and use my dowsing crystal to identify the emotions which need to be released.  Told you it was way out there. 

This can be used by anybody who is used to this way of thinking.  It is one of those books that you may need to keep in mind but are not ready for just yet. 

It is easy to follow and gives you all the information that you need.  You do need to bare in mind when reading it does sound like they are blowing their own trumpet and magic will happen.  I often take it all with a pinch of salt but am happy to have a go. 


The Book of Ayurveda  –  Judith H Morrison 

I love this book as an holistic therapist I like to learn about different approaches to treatments and health.  This book gives you a great insight to how Ayuredic medicine works.  If your interested in alternative approaches to health I feel it is always good to get the basics of as many different styles as possible.  This is a book you can pick up and learn in chunks, there are plenty of pictures and diagrams as part of the instructions.  There are activities for you to try and a questionnaire to help you find which dosha you are.  Also lists of food ect that you should eat and avoid depending on your dominant dosha.