Mobility Course, Information, Aims and Objectives

This is a 5 weeks course is for those of you who may not want a strenuous routine but know the benefits of getting your body moving.  You may be returning from injury and a full on yoga is a step too far.

Bringing more mobility to your body will enhance any other exercise you may be doing.  It will increase your strength and your proprioception.  This in turn will reduce pain and increase muscle activation.

We will be working through the body to include all major joints and progress to more challenging movement patterns as the weeks go by.  You can follow at your own speed as each week moves you gently onto the next step.  Week 5 you will have a routine that you can do on a regular basis.  As you keep this set of classes you can repeat each week to mix it up and build and improve your mobility over time.

Depending from your starting point these new movement patterns may take a bit of getting used to.  We have to concentrate and build new connections in our brains.  So do not give up the rewards are massive.

Aims to:-

  • Teach you how to isolate your joints
  • Reduce pain in your body and joints
  • Learn about proprioception
  • Re-educate the body in new movement patterns Improve
  • balance by stimulating the vestibular system

Objectives to:-

  • Increase your range of movement
  • Prepare the body for more movement
  • Reduce pain so that you can move forward in your exercise abilities
  • Build confidence by increasing balance
  • Understand the benefits of better body awareness

By increasing your range of movement and building strength it enables us to perform more efficiently. Our movement becomes easier, we can pick things off the floor, our posture becomes more aligned and our energy will increase.[


Module 1 Mobility Week 1
Class Video 1 An Introduction to Mobility
Class Video 2 Mobility Week 1
Module 2 Mobility Week 2
Class Video 1 Mobility Week 2
Module 3 Mobility Week 3
Class Video 1 Mobility Week 3
Module 4 Mobility Week 4
Class Video 1 Mobility Week 4
Module 5 Mobility Week 5
Class Video 1 Mobility Week 5